Reading Round-Up

Okay, starting off this week’s ‘reading round-up’ is… another video. This one is of Beyonce’s performance at the VMA’s last week (apologies to international readers, I’m pretty sure mtv restricts viewing to in the US). I love everything about this. From the snazzy, 80’s style blazers to the simple choreography, to Adele singing along and Lady Gaga’s commitment to her character, Beyonce’s strutting around in massive heels and knee jumping while pregnant, Jay-Z’s pure joy and pride at the end and the song itself with its Motown vibe… it’s just all over amazing.

So, to kick off the links, here is a Beyonce related flow chart from Good. And while I’m at it, an article contemplating whether Jay-Z is a feminist, from Feministing.

And now onto more serious things…

First up, a study on language and gender that is particularly interesting can be read here. I think a really interesting thing would be to have people submit samples of their own writing and see where in the bell-curve they fall in regards to how gendered their language is. I’d definitely be a willing contributor.

Next, anyone who’s read African travel literature should read the article How to write about Africa by Binyavanga Wainaina. I generally stay away from this kind of literature and it pleases me to no end to see it mocked mercilessly.

This isn’t new, but Stephen Colbert’s imitation of a T-Rex trying to put on a condom shouldn’t be missed by anyone (also, not technically reading material and apologies to my international readers).

For some perspective, the Earth as a star.

To round out the list, and in celebration of Labor Day and Unions (aka the people who brought us the weekend), an article that explains what is just plain common sense to anyone who has lived and worked in Europe: the value of vacation.


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