Fresh Starts

Welcome to the inaugural post of District Dissonance.

After various other failed attempts, I have decided to try again with a blog. This may turn out as unsuccessful (or ignored) as my other ventures, but, as the title suggests, I am starting fresh in a new city (and country) and will therefore have a go at writing as well.

The title of the blog is probably obvious to anyone who has spent time in DC. This city is full of contradictions that in my short time here have already challenged and inspired me. My previous blogging ventures have, I believe, failed due to my compulsive need for posts to be well researched, edited and referenced… true to academic habit. My intention with this blog is to be a considered stream-of-conscious record of that which causes dissonance in my life; experiences, interactions and observances that provoke discomfort and challenge me, as well as my attempt to understand and grow from them (mixed in with fun things that strike my fancy).

So, here’s to fresh starts, may they be enriching and (in this blog’s case) continuous!


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